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The Tiger Center

welcomes you! 



Once over 100,000 of these beautiful cats roamed the earth.

Now 7,000 remain.

Come see why they're worth saving

and what they mean to their environment and us.



Not only is the tiger worth saving from extinction, but he's a wonderful spokesman for the environment and the people who live with him.


Our mission: help the tiger - help the environment - help the people

Photo by Prof. Mukerji at the Tiger Center, Kanha Nature Reserve, India  


What's New? - Check us out on Facebook! We salute the magnificent artistry of Ashish Kachchwaha and the Baiga, guardians of India's forests! The Tiger Center and The Tollygunge Club of Kolkata (one of the world's top ten clubs!) organized an art exhibition to showcase this significant and rising artist, who focuses his work on the traditional people and wildlife of Kanha. Come see his incredible works of art and learn why he believes these subsistence tribals are key guardians of India's tigers and forests.


What's In the News? - If the Kruger National Park earns $1Bn a year in revenues, why can't we? It's just a question of asset management and making sure everyone benefits. Have a look at our latest newspaper article, thanks to Professor Mukerji!


What's Ongoing? - We're thrilled to continue our medical camps in Kanha!  The nearest permanent medical facility is 60km away (37 miles), and the poor people of our region face serious and deadly illness and injury every day.  More than 300 people come to each multi-specialty camp, and many conditions are diagnosed and treated, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, gynecological issues, malaria, tapeworm, & more. This poor community is treated by a staff of qualified doctors for the 1st time!


Tigers - To raise awareness in a close, personal way, we plan to facilitate wildlife encounters in the Kanha Nature Reserve -- probably the best place in the world to see and photograph tigers in the wild.  We've seen on average one tiger each day.  We are currently seeking an ecologically-sensitive resort partner to offer indigenous-style, world-class accommodation.  We are the only facility of our kind inside or adjacent to the Nature Reserve (buffer zone), off the main road, in the midst of beautiful wildlife.

Environment - With our international partners, we plan to offer programs on corporate eco-management (industrial ecology), natural resource management, sustainable technologies, environmental economics & policy, ecotourism operations, photography, and custom programs.  In addition to our world-class educational facility, we will also be a showcase of alternative technologies.  We'll be happy to share our experience installing & operating biodigesters, solar power, water harvesting, bio-security, and more.

People - We've created a number of initiatives to improve people's lives and help reduce human stress on tiger habitat.  One hundred village children will attend our free school, and we will operate a clinic that saves lives from snakebite, malaria, childbirth complications, & more.  To help reduce the 60-70% unemployment, we will also operate a micro-credit fund so our neighbors can make products to sell to the fast-increasing flow of tiger tourists and boost their income beyond USD1/day.

Donate/Shop - We'd like to offer you an easy way to order our cottage industries products, made by the people of our community, as well as an easy way to donate to our school and clinic/hospital.  Our friends have also asked for an easy way to donate to the Loreto Sealdah School, Calcutta -- our education partner.  Please visit our donation & shopping page for more details!

Writing/Lobbying - Discussions continue with Parliament on promoting economic development with ecological nurturing -- see our discussion paper, written by Prof. Mukerji, and his latest article on natural assets in this, our Tiger Capital.

Photos - If you'd like a closer look at the tigers, other wildlife, and the Center, feel free to visit our photo albums.  To keep enjoying our photos and your own, try Webshots' free screen saver.


About Us - Meet the team, see what each of us contributes, and feel free to contact us if you'd like to contribute, too.



Prof. Nishi Mukerji & Mr. Anand Jagdale

46 Ramdaspeth (near Lokmat Building)

Nagpur-10, Maharashtra  440010


+91 97 6400 8434, +91 98 2270 8434,


Dr. CJ Meadows & Dr. Kristina Taioli

Les Courtals
1 Rte. de l'Ancien Tramway
Caunes Minervois 11160  France

+33 6 4714 5672,


Dr. Christopher Lee Marshall

340 East 74th St., PHE
New York, NY 10021

+1 212 249 7361


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