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Sewing Schools


The Tiger Center has proudly partnered with Usha Int'l. Ltd. to operate machine-sewing schools in Kanha, India.  The curriculum is designed by the National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD), based in New Delhi, and at the end of the six-month course, each passing student is awarded a certificate. 


Once certified by Usha Int'l. Ltd., each student can take a micro-loan from a bank to start a tailoring business to serve local clients and can also make products for our Cottage Industries program.  Now, with two schools, we have capacity for almost 60 students in our 6-month program, held twice a year. 


That means a new livelihood for 120 families a year!  We offer thanks to Usha and our donors for creating the school, supporting the school and tuition subsidies on an ongoing basis, and providing a substantial step up in life for each student and family.  We're thrilled that the schools use solar-powered lights and filtered (safe) 

water for the students and teacher.  It's the start of not only family businesses but also clean energy and safe water for the whole community....

Above:  School Principal. Below: School #1, and and also    

School #2, including machines, signs, solar panel, and water filter   





Prof. Nishi Mukerji & Mr. Anand Jagdale

46 Ramdaspeth (near Lokmat Building)

Nagpur-10, Maharashtra  440010


+91 97 6400 8434, +91 98 2270 8434,


Dr. CJ Meadows & Dr. Kristina Taioli

Les Courtals
1 Rte. de l'Ancien Tramway
Caunes Minervois 11160  France

+33 6 4714 5672,


Dr. Christopher Lee Marshall

340 East 74th St., PHE
New York, NY 10021

+1 212 249 7361


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