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Medical Camp

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Hi, Folks!

I thought I would inform you all of something beautiful and noble.  Dr. Murtaza Akhtar, Dr. Pooja Akhtar, Dr. Nitin Wadaskar, Dr. Vikrant Akulwar, Dr. Satyajit Karale, and Dr. Yogesh Chopde from the Lata Mangeshkar Hospital have worked selflessly for the people of our community in the first Tiger Center medical camp (13 - 15 May, 2011, in Kanha).  Let us salute them on behalf of the poor, the needy, and the down-trodden, and salute the donor who made it possible -- Mr. Jonathan Blitz.  We offer our humblest thanks to all and salute Murtaza and Pooja?s fine leadership, along with the incredible work of our local leaders, including Ashish Kushwaha, Rajiv Gope, Rano Lakhera, and Salim Sheikh.


More than 300 people came to the multi-specialty clinics.  Many conditions were

Photos by Prof. Mukerji & Ashish Kushwaha in Kanha, India   

diagnosed and treated, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, gynecological issues, malaria, tapeworm, and more; and they were treated by highly qualified doctors -- for the first time in our region!!!!!  Follow-up cases were also seen afterwards at the hospital in Nagpur.



The photographs you see here show the doctors setting up, our first patient (an elderly gentleman with Dr. Murtuzza and Prof. Nishi), patients registering before seeing the doctors, having their fingers pricked for blood samples, the entire team including the local village folk, and the doctors along with Tiger Center personnel. You can even see our youngest patient beginning his/her medical examination on a weighing machine, as well as a patient with a broken leg riding on a motorcycle.  Children are the future. It is up to us to preserve India?s wildlife areas so that our children will have a world to enjoy and remember us with love and respect.  There are also some photographs of the tribal folk dancers who danced for the doctors to show their gratitude.  These photographs have been taken by our artist, with his newly acquired wide angle camera, which Bhau helped him to buy.



The Tiger Center Mission is, "Help the Tiger, Help the People, Help the Environment," and we are trying to do just that.  The tiger will survive if the people who the Tiger Center SERVES WANT IT TO SURVIVE. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST COSMETIC.  Make the tiger the breadwinner for the people of the region, and the Tiger will thrive forever.  Conservation, community, and environment are the three points of a ?Golden Triangle.?  Bringing Health, Education, and Employment to the people of Kanha is the first step on our journey.

Knowing that you are there with us strengthens our sinews and our resolve to live up to our mission.

Thank you! And come soon to Kanha!


Prof. Nishi, Bhau, and CJ



From Dr. Nitin Wadaskar:

Thanks Prof. Nishi - it?s a wonderful job you are doing for tribals.  We just added our little contribution for such a great work you?re doing.  We?re always eager to come to Kanha.  If you need any help regarding patients, you can call.

Thanks a lot.



From Jonathan Blitz, Donor:

Dear Brother Nishi,

I am moved that we were able to help so many people.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

I am willing, able, and happy to support again.

Warm regards,





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