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Environmental Technologies Training

Care of: The Tiger Center & CSV

Wardha, India

We're thrilled to have been able to host three students -- Salim, Mukesh, and Jitesh -- at the Centre of Science for Villages in Wardha, India, to learn about their amazing environmentally-friendly, low-cost, and local-material technologies!  Stay tuned for more information on these world-saving technologies and feel free to visit the CSV at

Please also feel free to contact our Managing Director, Prof. Nishi Mukerji, for more information. He's a director at CSV, too!


Photos by Pramod Chendke, Senior Scientist, Canada  


Above:  Innovatine roof design & arch


Above:  Water filter & treatment


Above:  Designs for minimizing water usage and improving toilet sanitation


Above:  Medicinal plant products


Above:  Hand-made paper from a variety of starting materials, including banana leaves!


Above:  Bee-keeping was so interesting that our planned 2 hours stretched to the entire day!




Prof. Nishi Mukerji & Mr. Anand Jagdale

46 Ramdaspeth (near Lokmat Building)

Nagpur-10, Maharashtra  440010


+91 97 6400 8434, +91 98 2270 8434,


Dr. CJ Meadows & Dr. Kristina Taioli

Les Courtals
1 Rte. de l'Ancien Tramway
Caunes Minervois 11160  France

+33 6 4714 5672,


Dr. Christopher Lee Marshall

340 East 74th St., PHE
New York, NY 10021

+1 212 249 7361


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