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Clothing & Water Filters


We've recently started a program collecting clothing for the poor, and we're honored to have had our most recent distribution headed by Retired Principal Home Secretary Nanhey Singh!  The senior-most member of our management team, he's a retired Indian Administrative Service Officer of Madhya Pradesh Cadre and member of the Human Rights Commission for the Government of Madhya Pradesh. 


He cares deeply about indigenous communities, as do we. 


We're also honored to have our esteemed artist, Ashish Kushwaha, assist with the donations and co-facilitate the trip.

At the same time, we've distributed 50 water filters, which means clean water for that many families -- hundreds of people -- and a serious reduction of water-borne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, and more.


Key Facts:



The water filter along with the earthenware container costs only Rs. 450 (USD 10) per piece -- what a small price to pay to save someone's life!



The water in it has been tested by scientists from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute and found to be safer than boiled water!




Prof. Nishi Mukerji & Mr. Anand Jagdale

46 Ramdaspeth (near Lokmat Building)

Nagpur-10, Maharashtra  440010


+91 97 6400 8434, +91 98 2270 8434,


Dr. CJ Meadows & Dr. Kristina Taioli

Les Courtals
1 Rte. de l'Ancien Tramway
Caunes Minervois 11160  France

+33 6 4714 5672,


Dr. Christopher Lee Marshall

340 East 74th St., PHE
New York, NY 10021

+1 212 249 7361


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