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A Week in Kanha

Tigers & Others in India 

 Dr. CJ Meadows

Signed first edition, paperback (USD 19.95) or hardback (USD 34.95)

100% of revenues support community programs, including school & hospital

14in by 11in (36cm by 28cm), 77 pages

In March of 2008, I went to Kanha for a 5-day trip, followed immediately by a 2-day trip, and was amazed at how much I saw in that short time.  I compiled this photography ("coffee-table") book to share with you the wonder we call Kanha (samples below).  Just seven days in this wildlife paradise was all I needed to photograph tiger, elephant, deer, monkey, jackal, owl, peacock, eagle, and more.  I've also included our favourite frog, who patiently waited for us in the river as we listened for the sounds of the jungle, hoping for an alarm call to tell us where the tiger was.  I hope this book pleases both the eye and heart, as well as encouraging you to protect the tiger and its environment and help the people who live there.


Photos by Dr. Meadows in Kanha, India   





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